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Interior Design / Furnishing



A room is formed by ideas that suit you

We observe the areas in which your life is to take place and adapt to your tastes and needs. We consult you and inspire you, act as idea generators and support you with our know-how and

extensive experience.

We design all aspects of furnishing your home in a joint process, together with you. The interplay between furniture, accessories, carpets, and window decoration allows for the creation of a bond with the room and to make your property into an individualized living experience.


 Our personal advice



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The process

Our passion is to create stylish, comfortable and luxury homes. As Conductor for all disciplines of interior design we develop tailormade and sophisticated concepts for our clients – like their visions and needs. Our solutions are the best choice – individuell and holistic!




Color, Shape and Proportion

Our deep empathie for you and your visions enable us to set the difference when creating luxury and cosy homes. interior design should connect and prepare a relationship to the owner. Up to this point we can develop our timeless design  for you continously – setting accents and trends tailormade to your visions.


Our service is more then a promise 

Our service, the style of interior, the white-glove service and the wellfeeling inside the property will mark our differentiation.


Brands and networking

The Kern-Design Collection of worldwide-made, bespoke furniture, wallpaper, fabrics, rugs, lamps matches perfectly to complete your project in classic-style or contemporary-design.




Sabine Kober

Interior Designer


According to Schopenhauer music and architecture are closely related, he said “Architecture is frozen music”. This is why my musical studies of the Harp, church music and my conductorship

at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich are perhaps the best basis for my current profession as interior designer. In music harmony and aesthetics and the interplay of different

elements are also essential. Today, many years after my studies, and with many more years of experience as designer, textile designer and co-founder of KERN-DESIGN I look forward to

composing the best Interiors and giving them a soul of their own. I always try to find out exactly what our customers need by using empathy and then help them develop the idea a few steps


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