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We start with You!

Our holistic design process starts where good design should always start: with people. In our case specifically with you. We analyze your needs, habits and everyday routine and draw conclusions how architecture and object have to interplay perfectly for you. Together with you and through extensive discourse we will reach the outcome that gives you a sense of 100% well-being.

The process

Our projects follow a standardized and certified process. This way has proven itself, as satisfied customers and awards verify. 

Services offered include:

  •  Space planning
  • CAD drawings 
  • Specifications for construction
  • Lighting design
  • Project management
  • Photo realistic 3D visuals
  • Bespoke furniture design
  • Accessories & styling
  • Full “turnkey” service





process (german)



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We are your integral contact

We think and work integrated. This means that we are with you from the start of the project – the idea generation – until the end – the supervision of construction and acceptance of the work. This holds true for the creative process as well as technical and economic matters. Every building project needs commitment and trust in the common goal: creating an architectural experience.


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Transformation und Interaction

We redesign your rooms by giving you the ability to transform them using lighting and mobile design elements. You can change the mood and atmosphere of your rooms depending on the occasion providing new experiences again and again. Light and technology play an inseparable and very important role in achieving this.



Light design

Light can shape rooms, create emotions, stage life-situations. Light reaches our senses. Light is much more than light and dark. Of course we use the state-of-the-art technology in the development of our light design concepts (such as remote controlled LEDs, i.e. through an App) and sustainable energy conserving technologies. Above all we use the impact of the lights colour, quality and intensity to design our interiors in order for it to have a positive effect on peoples psyche (limbic system).

Your partner

Dipl. Ing. Norbert E. Kern

Interior Architect & Light designer specialist


For over 30 years my 12-strong team and I have been developing individual design solutions for people of the highest aesthetical standards. During this time my work has been decorated with the much sought after Interior Innovation Award multiple times as well as various other prizes. The foundation of this success has on many occasion been my spacial conceptions on basis of the limbic system and my passion for light design. Currently I am inspired by then possibilities of combining traditional craftsmanship with modern interior design with the help of new, digital technologies such as Apps and Connected Home. Beside my personal interest in innovation concerning my field of work, I also stay up-to-date with advanced training of the AKH (The Hesse Chamber of Architects and Urban Planners) and the BDIA (The Association of German Architects) and exchange knowledge with my Colleges through these platforms.

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